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What is IPR?

Interproximal reduction (or IPR for short) is the process of creating very small amounts of space between teeth. IPR is often used to avoid the need for extracting teeth.

Your Orthodontist will 'polish' in between the teeth in order to remove a small slither of enamel. As only a minimum amount of enamel is removed, teeth are left with enough enamel to continue to remain healthy. 

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Is IPR painful?

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Although it sounds like it could be a painful procedure, IPR does not hurt as enamel does not contain any nerves. It is a quick procedure which is pain-free and often carried out during one short appointment. Although no discomfort is felt, it is normal to feel some pressure and vibration during the procedure.

For any orthodontic treatment to be successful you will need to be committed to your treatment. Please make sure that you look after your teeth and braces and attend your appointments.

If you have any questions about IPR or your orthodontic treatment plan, please contact our Treatment Coordinator who will be happy to help.

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What is attachments?

Attachments are tiny tooth-coloured “bumps” that are bonded to the teeth using dental composites.


They will be placed at precise locations to allow the aligners to grip the teeth as they are guiding them to their new locations.


Buttons are small auxiliaries that are used to attach or anchor rubber bands.


At UKaligners, we offer interproximal reduction (IPR) as a way to help our patients achieve the beautiful, healthy smile they desire. IPR is a simple, painless procedure that can help create more mouth space and make orthodontic treatment more effective.

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