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Why not choosing world class Zedura material for your patients?

A New Standard Of Aesthetics And Craftsmanship

Meet The Ever Challenging Need Of The Orthodontic Profession And Highest Standards Of Patients’ Satisfaction!

Ideal balance of

crack resistance,

stress retention,

stain resistance and

optical clarity.



Zendura material offers all the advantages of comfort, easy fabrication, durability, and aesthetic results that modern day orthodontic practices require.

Patient Comfort .76mm
Zendura provides superior performance and durability properties at a relatively thin .76mm thickness, meaning greater patient comfort.

Zendura is BPA and phthalate free.

Crack Resistance
Having a tough polymer backbone, Zendura boasts a reputation as the benchmark for crack resistance. Zendura has been used in retention for periods as long as three years















Why Zendura?

  • Consider the ACTUAL COST you’ll have to spend on a retainer breakage case:

  • Patient inconvenience and relapse

  • Stain Resistance

  • Exposure to food and drinks can cause plastics to yellow, stain, and structurally deteriorate. Zendura has demonstrated resistance to staining for applications extending for long periods of time in the oral cavity.

  • The strength and durability have been good and the fit has been excellent!''

  • Chair time for impressions and refit

  • Technician’s labour and laboratory cost

  • Frustrated by the lack of ideal fit, long term durability and cracking issues, and aesthetic challenges that most clear aligners present?

  • A superior material is able to resolve your frustration and make breakage an exception rather than the norm!

  • durable, and breakages are quite rare.''