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We understand the challenges faced by the patients of SmileDirect

As a dedicated provider of quality dental services, we warmly invite you to continue your dental care journey with us.


Our experienced team is committed to ensuring a seamless transition and the highest standard of care.


Beginning of your treatment;

Each treatment has a different designer and method, therefore, if you are at the beginning of your journey we recommend to switch to your new dentist in order to decrease any complications that might occur.

Contact us today to appoint a registered dental clinic to assist you with your new smile.


Middle of your treatment;

If you are not completely satisfied with the result, we can arrange an appointment with one of our registered dental team to assist you with details to satisfy you.


Last Steps;

Retainers at ukaligners are easy to use and even easier to be re-ordered. Your models will be saved with us as 3D STL files and can be remake any time in future.

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